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We have designed, market and promoted a number of environmentally friendly products and containers used in the process of waste batteries and lamp recycling.


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Global Green

We are Global Green, we supply environmentally friendly and recycling products to a broad range of customers.

global green

We offer a highly personalised service to clients that have a large or regular requirement for recycling products and containers.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply our products at extremely competitive prices while at the same time providing excellent service and product delivery.

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We pride ourselves on contributing to the welfare of the environment by enabling the safe disposal of harmful products.

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Our Containers are made from flame retardant Kartonplast a polypropylene cellular board. It consists of a cellular structure similar to corrugated cardboard. Kartonplast offers better protection against blows, expansions, crushing and tearing.The material is light, extremely elastic and odourless. It is resistant to sunlight and humidity and immune to non-organic substances and acidic liquids.


You can choose our products in a large range of colours.


All our products are suitable for printing, including screen printing methods to put your companies name or logo on the product.


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